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Foodduck continues to support the Green Flag initiative

Foodduck and FEE Finland (Foundation for Environmental Education) have agreed to continue their co-operation, and Foodduck also continues to support the Green Flag Initiative. Foodduck has supported the Green Flag programme since 2016, and the partners have now agreed to continue co-operation.


“The Green Flag Initiative provides an excellent way for schools to implement Finland’s sustainability strategies. Green Flag fits with the curriculum and helps in promoting environmentally friendly ways of operating. The Green Flag initiative is a perfect match with our values and we definitely want to support this kind of programmes,” says Timo Sorsavirta, CEO of Foodduck.


FEE Finland is a non-profit organization specialising in environmental education. FEE Finland belongs to the international FEE network with members in 73 countries. The organisation actively promotes environmental education and sustainability in several ways.


The Green Flag Initiative is a sustainable development programme tailored for schools and early childhood education facilities. It aims at decreasing environmental load. It is also an international environmental certificate in the field of education. The Green Flag initiative is a flexible and down-to-earth way of increasing children’s and youth’s knowledge on the environment. The operating model and the support provided by the Initiative help the participants in developing the environmental aspects in the long term. Each participating entity sets its own targets and plans its operations from their own starting point.


“There are currently 300 Green Flag day-care facilities, elementary and grammar schools and vocational institutes in Finland. The Initiative is international as it is part of the international Eco-Schools programme that operates in 67 countries and reaches 20 million children and young people in 2018. Our aim is to get more educational institutions to start working for the environment as members of this international network,” says Iitu Kiminki, Green Flag Programme Manager at FEE Finland.


“This year, Foodduck will invite to the programme a school or day-care facility that we will sponsor. We will pay for the newcomer’s participation fees for the first three years. This way we can help a new member to reach the targets of the programme,” Timo Sorsavirta concludes.


Foodduck worked in close co-operation with the Green Flag Initiative and FEE Finland in organising the first national JÄMÄKISA, a competition for day-care facilities and schools to bring up new ideas on decreasing the amount of waste and to find new ideas to save natural resources.