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Sales and deliveries of FOODDUCK spreads started

We are glad to improve our customer service by making the range of spreads used in FOODDUCK® spread dispensers more versatile. The first new product we have added to the selection is FOODDUCK®margarine 60 that can be ordered directly from Foodduck.

FOODDUCK margarine 60 is made according to the national recommendations set on meals served at schools. Its ingredients are similar to those of Orkla’s “Kruunu” margarine that has been used in FOODDUCK before and continues to be available. FOODDUCK margarine 60 carries the Heart Symbol that tells the consumer that the product marked with this symbol is a better choice regarding fat (quantity and quality) and salt. The new spread is produced by Bunge Finland Oy, a Finland-based maker of the well-known “Keiju” margarine.

We are happy to tell you more on how to order our spreads. Please contact us by email at or by calling our customer service at +358 29 0020 240.