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Brand new effect in Instagram for FOODDUCK® spread dispenser

Foodduck Oy has launched an effect of its own for Instagram. With the help of the effect, you can now easily test how the FOODDUCK spread dispenser would really look like in places like schools, day cares, hospitals, health service centers, hotels or anywhere else in professional kitchens and restaurants.

The effect uses intelligent 3D technology and everyone who are interested in renting a FOODDUCK device can now easily test how the device would fit into the premises, such as dining lines, bread tables or serving trollies. The device presented in the effect is the same size and has the same appearing as our device model called mobile, which is the most popular model among our customers.

All you need for testing this effect is a smartphone and an Instagram account. You will find the effect from our Instagram profile @foodduck_finland under the smiley face and from the effect gallery with the keyword foodduck, or by clicking the link below. Remember to save the effect to your effect’s library, so that you can find it again more easily.

Are you still thinking about renting a spread dispenser? Test the effect right away!

Open the effect here