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Sitra names Foodduck as circular economy leader

Foodduck Oy Ltd, which markets and sells the FOODDUCK® spread dispensers, has been included on the “most interesting companies in the circular economy” list compiled by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

As it is a highly-automated solution, FOODDUCK® significantly reduces spread and packaging waste. The company’s leasing business model is also compatible with the principles of circular economy. Introduced in 2015, FOODDUCK® spread dispensers have found their place on the bread buffets and self-service counters of hundreds of canteens, restaurants and schools across Finland. The FOODDUCK®

With its “most interesting companies in the circular economy” list, Sitra is challenging Finnish companies to meet the needs of a changing world. The list was compiled by Sitra’s circular economy team, which has assessed each company’s business model based on its relevance for the circular economy. The criteria were how interesting and effective the company is, the content of its business, and the scalability of its solutions. The list was compiled for the first time in 2016 and currently includes 124 companies – all of which meet strict criteria. FOODDUCK® is one of 29 new additions to the list, which showcases inspiring examples aimed at encouraging other Finnish companies to be among the first in the world to switch to a circular economy model.
“It’s fantastic that Sitra has chosen us as one of the most interesting companies in the circular economy,” says Timo Sorsavirta, Foodduck CEO. “The principles of the circular economy and sustainable development have been guiding our business from the start, and our inclusion in Sitra’s list strengthens our vision of doing things that benefit both society and the environment.”

The innovative FOODDUCK® product range offers an intelligent new way of serving butter-vegetable oil spreads, margarines and other spreads in restaurants, lunch canteens, schools and as part of hotel breakfast buffets. FOODDUCK® automatically dispenses the spread portion onto a slice of bread, and each restaurant can define the portion size fit for its customers. FOODDUCK® generates significantly less plastic waste than other solutions, as the spread package used in the device requires only 10% of the amount of plastic used in traditional packages containing the same amount of spread. The device also compresses the package completely, emptying it of its contents and minimising spread waste. Customers thus save both in spread purchases and in waste disposal costs.With the help of FOODDUCK® spread dispensers, bread counters are easier to keep tidy and service is faster. FOODDUCK® also improves the hygiene of spread counters and is better for people with coeliac disease, as breadcrumbs never touch the spread.

In the circular economy, companies create added value for their products through services and innovative business models. The biggest added value may be created through the service, reuse and re-production of products, as well as by maximising their utilisation rate. Foodduck’s business model supports these principles of the circular economy, as the company leases devices to its customers with a contract based on a monthly fee. Foodduck is thus responsible for servicing the devices throughout their lifecycle. The devices are built to last and can be upgraded and refurbished according to need. The devices use IoT technology with which consumption data can be collected to support, for instance, planning of spread order intervals as well as to support service.




The most interesting companies in the circular economy


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About Foodduck Ltd.

Foodduck Oy Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2012. It is a pioneer of automated dispensing solutions in restaurant self-service areas and in professional kitchens for fats, fresh cheeses, and other spreads. The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser is one of a kind in the world, and in our vision, the FOODDUCK® will be a symbol of a responsible and sustainable service counter for restaurants and canteens.