A new spread dispenser introduced: FOODDUCK® mobile

Finland-based Foodduck Oy offers new, versatile opportunities for ecological and hygienic serving of spreads. Its new product, FOODDUCK mobile, significantly widens the range of FOODDUCK venues from school canteens and lunch buffets. Thanks to its small size, battery, and wide selection of spreads that it can serve, FOODDUCK mobile is also very suitable for hotels and hospitals. Like the first innovative FOODDUCK spread dispenser that was launched in 2014, the new FOODDUCK mobile remarkably decreases spread waste and the amount of garbage.

”In a couple of years, FOODDUCK has found its place in bread buffets and self-service counters all over Finland and has received a warm welcome everywhere. It is great that with the new FOODDUCK mobile we can bring the benefits of ecological and hygienic serving of spreads to a wider range of clients,” notes Timo Sorsavirta, CEO, Foodduck Oy.”In addition to margarine, FOODDUCK mobile is suited for serving jams, mayonnaise and chocolate spreads, which makes it an excellent choice for the hotel breakfast buffets. This is also a very important feature for our international business. As FOODDUCK mobile is small and can be operated with a battery, it can also help the hospital personnel serving meals to patients at wards. They can save time as they don’t need to spend it opening single serving packages. At the same time, the amount of waste decreases significantly,” Timo Sorsavirta continues.

FOODDUCK mobile is a smart high-tech device that makes use of the Internet of Things (IoT). The system makes it possible to gather data related to spread consumption and thus optimize the serving. If needed, the device can produce real-time data and on consumption and usage, and can even be programmed to order more spreads to the storage and to anticipate any service needs.

FOODDUCK devices are ecological and sustainable alternatives to spread cases and single serving packages. With the help of FOODDUCK devices, restaurants and canteens can decrease the amount of waste to a fraction of the earlier amount. The materials of the spread package, developed specifically for the device, are also ecological – no aluminium and a lot less plastic is used than in the traditional spread cases. Spread is not wasted as FOODDUCK dispenses the spread in even portions and squeezes its bag shaped package totally empty.

FOODDUCK devices improve the hygiene and tidiness of the bread buffet. Thanks to automatic dispensing and easy cleaning of the device, the personnel or customers never touch the spread by hand, and the microbiological quality of the spread stays very good. No bread crumbs end in the spread, and people with coeliac disease can also safely use the device.

Foodduck Oy is targeting international growth. Its roots are firmly in Finland as it develops and produces its devices in the home country. The Association for Finnish Work has granted the Key Flag Symbol and Design from Finland mark for the FOODDUCK mobile spread dispenser as to the first FOODDUCK device. These symbols indicate the Finnish expertise behind the products. The FOODDUCK spread dispenser was also granted a patent in Europe and the USA at the end of 2016.


For more information:
Timo Sorsavirta
CEO, Foodduck Oy Ltd
Tel. +358 50 414 0004
Foodduck Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2012. It is a pioneer of automated dispensing solutions in restaurant self-service areas and in professional kitchens for fats, fresh cheeses, and other spreads. The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser is one of a kind in the world, and in our vision, the FOODDUCK® will be a symbol of a responsible and sustainable service counter for restaurants and canteens.

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