Hospitals and care homes

The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser is perfect for hospitals and care homes. With several device alternatives available, the dispenser can be used both in staff canteens and in service carts on wards, as well as in kitchens to ease the preparation of sandwiches, for instance. The device is not only easy to use, but also hygienic, as the spread is at no stage directly touched by hand, and bread crumbs don’t get into the spread.

The more diners, the greater the benefits and savings!

“Our students really like ‘the Duck’ and we have seen the same positive impacts for both our big and our small canteen. A big bonus is the fact that physically-challenged customers can also easily use the dispenser. It’s also safe for people with allergies or Coeliac disease.”

Johanna Vähärautio
Food services manager
City of Kokkola

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Key benefits for hospitals and care homes

Easy to use, clean and hygienic.

Less waste – an environmentally friendly choice.

Compact size and mobility – fits into the service cart at wards.

Saves work-time resources.


Set up and operation

FOODDUCK mobile revolutionizes the dispensing of spreads in hospitals and care homes. It benefits the environment and decreases costs while improving the overall customer experience. And the more diners, the greater are the benefits and savings.

Watch a short video about FOODDUCK mobile!


Frequently asked questions

Fully wireless FOODDUCK mobile.

FOODDUCK® mobile, which is completely wireless where necessary, is the latest member of the Finnish spread dispenser FOODDUCK family. Its compact size and support for new spreads made FOODDUCK mobile a more versatile choice, especially suited for hospitals, care homes, day care centers, educational institutions, restaurants, canteens, hotels and professional kitchens.

FOODDUCK® mobile

  • 61 x 18 x 36,5 cm (H x W x D)
  • 5” touch screen
  • The frame: Electro-polished stainless steel
  • Power supply: 230/110 V
  • Spread package: 1 kg, 140–240 portions
  • Made in Finland