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Our product range now includes Finnish FOODDUCK® 


FOODDUCK® Margarine is milk-free, lactose-free and soy-free Finnish margarine
that includes 60% of fat. The spread is can be used both with bread and in baking.
The product follows the recommendations set for the school meals and has been granted the Heart Symbol.
This margarine is produced by
Bunge Finland Oy, a Raisio-based maker of the well-known Keiju margarine.

More information on the FOODDUCK® Margarine:
Behind the link below you will find the product description, product numbers, net weight, list of ingredients, nutritional values, shelf life, storage information, GMO statement and other additional information on the product.

Product specification 

What does the Heart Symbol stand for?
The Heart Symbol is a sign you can find on grocery packaging and on menus at restaurant.
It tells the consumer that a product or a portion carrying this symbol is a heathier choice.

Which products can carry the Heart Symbol?
The symbol can be granted only for such groceries where fat is of good quality and the amount of salt has been reduced.

FOODDUCK® Margarine comes in two package sizes:

FOODDUCK® Margarine 940 g 
Product number: 6429830020509

The 940g package is used in FOODDUCK, FOODDUCK mini and FOODDUCK mobile.

The product is ordered by the box.
One box includes ten margarine bags of 940 grams.
Please note: the minimum order quantity is four boxes.

FOODDUCK® Margarine 400 g
Product number: 6429830020523

This package size is used in our newest model, FOODDUCK lille.

The product is ordered by the box.
One box includes 16 margarine bags of 400 grams.
Please note: the minimum order quantity is four boxes.

Significantly less plastic is used in the manufacture of this environmentally friendly spread package, which is also completely aluminium-free.
This makes recycling of packaging materials easier than before and the environmental impact is smaller.
You can inquire about the prices of spreads and deliveries from our sales!

Ordering is easy. Please follow this guidance:


You can order spreads either by sending email to
by calling our customer service at +358 29 0020 240.

Our customer service is open on weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm.

When ordering, please let us know:

1. Your customer number

2. The package size you are ordering: 940 or 400 grams

3. The number of boxes you are ordering

4. Your shipping address

Our own packaging plant:

After the manufacturing process, we pack the spreads at our own packaging plant in Naantali, Finland.
We use state-of-the-art technology!

We use Finnish, environmentally friendly fibre pallets made from recycled cardboard for loading and transporting products.
Recycling fibre pallets is easy as they can be put directly to the regular cardboard recycling. The pallets are made according to the ISPM 15 standard.

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