Ducks speak universal language

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Ducks speak universal language

Hygienic and ecological FOODDUCK® spread dispensers were introduced at the Cygnaeus Primary School in the city center of Turku in 2018. The school restaurant has about 450 diners daily and there is a lot of action every day. Meals play a significant role in the school day, and they have become a key part of the school’s culture.

The idea to lease FOODDUCK® devices came from Nicke Wulff, the principal. He had heard about the device from a colleague, who had come across one while visiting another school in the area. Interest in the innovative product woke up immediately. The principal first got acquainted with the device via the internet, and after a quick contact with Foodduck, the school started its “duck activities” with a test period. “After that, it was a go, because FOODDUCK® solved many problems in our school restaurant. Cleanliness improved and queues decreased,” says Wulff.

The introduction of the devices supported the educational point of views related to school meals: the devices show children a practical example of sustainability, in addition to hygiene and comfortable atmosphere at meals.

“FOODDUCK® saves time and nature, and also brightens up our school restaurant.”

Nicke Wulff
Principal, Cygnaeus School

A pioneer in school meals

The Cygnaeus school is one of the pioneers of school dining. The school and its meal service provider Arkea were already awarded a school meal diploma several years ago thanks to the school’s great practices and an unprecedented level of investment in school meals. In Finland, the mission of serving school meals includes promoting well-being, providing instructions for healthy nutritional choices, teaching good manners, and giving opportunities for social interaction and recreation during the school day. At Cygnaeus, these targets are certainly fulfilled.

“I have often used the Cygnaeus school as a fine example of how school meals are discussed and
how they are developed under the leadership of the principal. ”

Timo Sorsavirta
Foodduck Oy


An exceptional team spirit

At the Cygnaeus school, the dining areas are decorated with a bird theme, which brings a fun nuance to the premises, and the duck equipment nicely fits in. With the help of the FOODDUCK® devices, school meals have become an even happier and more hygienic experience for pupils. During our visit, the principal gave a high-five to all diners when they entered the restaurant at lunch time. Today, high-fives have been abandoned for hygiene reasons, but everyone is still greeted and encouraged. The school has an exceptionally good team spirit, with everyone supporting each other.

Children have also liked the FOODDUCK® devices and their ease of use. They have been enthusiastic about the devices right from the start. The youngest pupils are particularly keen on seeing how the device works, and often there is an audience following the kitchen staff replace the spread bag.

The Ducks are perfect for the restaurant of this Swedish-speaking school, as they speak a universal language – just place your slice of bread below the nozzle and you are served your portion of spread. Children say that the device has made mealtimes a lot smoother and the queues at the bread buffet have been reduced. The restlessness around the bread buffet has completely disappeared. It is also noteworthy that the bread buffet has stayed tidy since replacing the traditional spread cases and knives with the FOODDUCK® spread dispenser.

FOODDUCK® has brought important benefits to school dining by significantly reducing the amount of spread and plastic waste and has also further improved hygiene, which makes the kitchen staff especially pleased about.

“FOODDUCK® has made our job much easier, and the device is really easy to use.”

Dan and Eve
Kitchen Services, Cygnaeus School 

Principal Wulff is really pleased with the decision to acquire FOODDUCK® spread dispensers for the school. The equipment has worked flawlessly and improved operation of the school restaurant. He encourages other schools to introduce hygienic and ecological FOODDUCK® dispensers: “It is definitely worth considering! Why not introduce devices that are so useful !?” he concludes.