FOODDUCK® serves athletes at Varala

Foodduck / FOODDUCK® serves athletes at Varala

FOODDUCK® serves athletes at Varala

The Varala Sports Institute in Tampere is full of energy and motion. At lunch time, the institute’s restaurant, Säde, hosts some 200–250 people. Since the sporty clients appreciate eating regularly, Säde serves all the daily meals from breakfast to dinner. Kati Viitala, restaurant manager, thanks the FOODDUCK® spread dispenser for bringing remarkable help for the staff in running the busy daily schedule of several servings.

The FOODDUCK® spread dispenser was first acquired almost because of its appealing looks. Someone had seen the dispenser at an exhibition and brought a brochure to Kati Viitala.

“We were able to leave out one stage of the process as we don’t any more need to take away spread cases after each meal and bring new ones on the buffet table!”
Kati Viitala, restaurant manager

“I thought that this device looks like fun – we definitely must get one of these,” explains Kati. After the first crush, the decision was – of course – more based on the opportunity to offer a hygienic and safe bread buffet for all customers including people with allergies. Another decisive factor were the calculations on how much spread can be saved and how much less waste will be created. The amount of diners at Restaurant Säde can easily double during seminars and events. Careful planning and detailed calculations are thus really needed in order to make restaurant operations as ecological and sustainable as possible.

”We earlier served margarine in cases. We were only able to keep them available during one meal as the spread melted, was covered with bread crumbs and was messy. We had to throw an awful lot of spread to the waste bin. Thanks to the spread dispenser, we have been able to reach a significant improvement,” Kati Viitala sums up.

As soon as after the first month with FOODDUCK®, restaurant manager Viitala has already noticed surprising and welcome changes in the busy routines.

When Kati Viitala thinks back to the first sentiments about the spread dispenser, she remembers both being inspired and a bit excited about taking it into use. Luckily, there was no need to stress out since everything went very smoothly.

“We received excellent training on how to use the device, and the user guide provided clear instructions. We are managing very well.”

A lot like the restaurant manager herself, also the clients got attracted with the spread dispenser at first sight. The smooth and sporty lines of the Duck raised interest and even amused the guests at the bread buffet.

“The dispenser only creates positive comments. Our customers, who is a journalist, wanted to definitely write a story on our spread dispenser. I have not yet received any calls from the media am waiting for an interview request,” smiles Kati Viitala.