FOODDUCK® helps increase customer comfort at Finnresta restaurants

Foodduck / FOODDUCK® helps increase customer comfort at Finnresta restaurants

FOODDUCK® helps increase customer comfort at Finnresta restaurants

Finnresta’s chef de cuisine Jaakko Riikonen (left) and managing director Olli Tokoi are very satisfied with their co-operation with Foodduck as well as with the improved tidiness and atmosphere.

The three Finnresta restaurants at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre have been using five FOODDUCK spread dispensers for a few months. The Finnresta team is satisfied with their choice.

”We always want to be pioneers and like to bring new experiences to our customers. It was thus a very natural for us to choose the innovative and intelligent FOODDUCK spread dispensers, which – on top of the other benefits – are designed and made in Finland,” says managing director Olli Tokoi.

Chef de cuisine Jaakko Riikonen notes that the FOODDUCK devices have contributed to the atmosphere in the restaurants.

”The bread and spread buffet is a lot tidier than before.”
– Jaakko Riikonen, Chef de cuisine

There are neither empty spread cases on the counter nor knives that easily drop onto the floor from them. Hygiene is also improved as the spread comes directly from the dispenser. Riikonen also appreciates the fact that people with coeliac disease can use the same dispenser with other customers without any risks as no bread crumbs containing gluten touch the spread.

There has been close co-operation between Finnresta and Foodduck Ltd. The restaurant staff is happy with the training they received for operating the device. The relationship has been inspirational for Foodduck, too. ”It was great to find a partner that shares our values right at the start of Foodduck sales. Tampere Trade Fairs has always been a pioneer in its field and we have the same intention,” says managing director Timo Sorsavirta.

Finnresta restaurants are owned by Finland Restaurants Oy, which belongs to Tampere Trade Fairs Group. Exhibitions and various kinds of sports, corporate and other events gather as much as 650 000 visitors annually to the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.