FOODDUCK® increases hygiene and shortens queues at the bread counters in Salo

Foodduck / FOODDUCK® increases hygiene and shortens queues at the bread counters in Salo

FOODDUCK® increases hygiene and shortens queues at the bread counters in Salo

Salo was the first town in the word to take the FOODDUCK spread dispenser into use. FOODDUCK was piloted in the spring of 2015, and since last autumn the devices have been in use in four schools as well as in the restaurant of the town hall. The experiences at Salo have been positive – the advantages of the device are numerous.

Food service instructor Mari Portaala sums up the benefits of ease of use, improved hygiene and decrease of wasted spread.

“Here in Salo, we strive to promote sustainability. We seek to, for instance, diminish food waste and decrease the amount of waste in general. Thus the use of FOODDUCK spread dispenser fits well with our values.”
– Mari Portaala, food service instructor

The initiative for the FOODDUCK pilot came from the headmaster of Toija school, Risto Hemmilä. “Since there was enthusiasm among our customers we decided to join the pilot. The experiences have been so positive that I can encourage also the food services of other municipalities to test the device,” says Mari Portaala.
Timo Sorsavirta, managing director of Foodduck Ltd, acknowledges the pioneer spirit of the Salo participants. For us, the cooperation with the town of Salo has been really important and fruitful. We received valuable feedback at the pilot stage for perfecting the product. Now, during the actual use, it has been great to see how well FOODDUCK has fitted into the usage of schoolchildren and restaurant customers.”

Headmaster Risto Hemmilä, who made the initiative to pilot the FOODDUCK spread dispensers, had often pondered that the spread counter of the school canteen should be tidier. The spread cases are considerable bug nests where lots of bread crumbs end up, and more than a hundred children use the same knives every day – also during the flu season. When Risto heard about the FOODDUCK spread dispenser it sounded like a solution to these challenges. And the experiences have been positive.

”The device works well at the counter,and the queue now moves faster than before. The children are positively curious and learn to use the dispenser in no time.”

There have been benefits also from the point of view of health education. “Many children used to take too much spread on their slice of bread. Now they all get the right amount of spread from FOODDUCK. This is splendid health education in practice,” says Risto.

Sari Tammi, who is in charge of the Kaneliomena restaurant at the town hall, together with her team serves lunch for over 200 Salo inhabitants daily. Customers include both employees of the municipality of Salo and townspeople of all ages.

Sari is pleased with the FOODDUCK dispenser. “Our bread counter now remains really tidy and there is no need to clean it in the middle of the lunch hours. Hygiene has improved considerably. No crumbs get into the spread, and it does not soften too much like in cases. Also spread waste has decreased. Previously, we had to throw partially full spread cases to garbage at the end of the day. Now no spread gets wasted.”

Also coeliac patients benefit.

”Formerly we always used to open a new spread case for people with coeliac disease, but now they can use the same dispenser as everyone else as there is no risk of bread crumbs getting into the spread,” continues Sari.
She notes that the customers of Kaneliomena like FOODDUCK. “All in all, we are proud of having been among the first to test the new Finnish innovation. I believe it has great development potential ahead.”