FOODDUCK® makes meals joyful in Asikkala

Foodduck / FOODDUCK® makes meals joyful in Asikkala

FOODDUCK® makes meals joyful in Asikkala

The newest addition to our product family, the FOODDUCK® lille spread dispenser, was introduced at the Peuhis day-care centre in Asikkala in early 2020. This stemmed from Foodduck’s two-year cooperation with the municipality of Asikkala, where the Anianpelto and Vääksy schools were the first to introduce spread dispensers in 2018. The “ducks” and their ease of use were highly regarded, and therefore Asikkala’s support services decided to bring this environmentally friendly and hygienic innovation to the Peuhis day-care centre, too. The spread dispensers can now be found at three different locations in Asikkala.

About 70 hungry children eat three times a day at “the Virpi’s restaurant” at Peuhis. This is a fun concept that was developed to delight children, and the FOODDUCK® device is well suited to its cozy atmosphere.


The Peuhis day-care centre is a very creative place. For instance, children have their own parking space where they can park their vehicles during meals. Thus, from a young age, both parking rules and modern technology become familiar for the kids.


FOODDUCK® lille is ideal for day-care centres due to its size: the device is small and easy for children to use. Children are curious and quickly learn how to use the spread dispenser based on short instructions – the small diners just place the slice of bread under the nozzle of the device, which then dispenses the spread automatically and safely. After this, the kids continue towards the table, where they spread the margarine after the fun experience with the “duck.”

“The fun little ‘spread droplets’ from the spread dispenser have clearly inspired children to eat more bread,” says Virpi Kallioinen, who works at Peuhis. “Younger children than before now want to learn how to spread margarine on their slices of bread themselves – just to get to use the device. And that’s great!”

Children are known for not being bothered by a small mess, but the cleanliness of the bread table makes the staff’s job much easier. Tiny sticky hands are a familiar sight in many day care centres, but not here. Messy spread cases and knives are now history at Peuhis, and the bread buffet is clean and inviting  –thanks to FOODDUCK®. Minna Pettinen, Support Services Manager, considers the introduction of the spread dispenser at a day-care centre to also be a great step in developing children’s readiness for school.

“When the kids move from Peuhis to the Anianpelto Primary School, they are already real experts in eating at a school canteen. Great hygiene of the FOODDUCK spread dispenser also provides the best possible benefits in risk management at a day-care centre. During the corona epidemic, it has also enabled continuing normal dining operation. Contrary to this, in places where common spread cases are used, it has been necessary to start using single-portion spreads or to have the staff take care of spreading on all slices of bread. All in all, we are really satisfied,” says Minna.

Hustle and bustle at school canteens and heavy traffic on the service lines

Three FOODDUCK® mobile spread dispensers are used in the two dining rooms of the Vääksy comprehensive school. The daily number of diners is about 750. The big number of diners underlines the importance of hygiene and the smoothness of service.

With the FOODDUCK® dispenser, spreads can be served hygienically at the bread buffets and food serving lines even in these very large canteens. The versatile range of FOODDUCK® devices guarantees that there is a suitable alternative for any space and lay-out solution. Devices are quick to use, and queues can be avoided as diners do not need to stop at the service line to take the spread from the traditional cases.