Great experiences from Svalöv’s duck experiment

Foodduck / Great experiences from Svalöv’s duck experiment

Great experiences from Svalöv’s duck experiment

The school of Heleneborg in the municipality of Svalöv was one of the first sites in Sweden to introduce the hygienic and ecological FOODDUCK® spread dispenser in 2019. Now “ducks” are already in use at schools and day care centres all over Sweden.

The Heleneborg school is located in the center of Svalöv. It has 360 diners daily and also serves as the central kitchen for other schools and three day care centres in the area. The municipality’s food service management, together with the school, first wanted to try out the benefits of the dispenser at this school during a month’s pilot period.

The “duck” was warmly welcomed on the its first day at the school. The kids were excited and very curious about the new “butter machine.” Some had already heard rumors of this novelty, and after successful first uses, the joy and the smile on the children’s faces were genuine.

Overall, the test period was very successful, and the user experiences were positive. Following the pilot, Foodduck and the municipality of Svalöv agreed to continue the cooperation. The main comments from the kitchen staff were that the dispenser is very practical and hygienic and most importantly, the clutter on the bread buffet has been greatly reduced. The device is perfect for them as it spreads joy to the children and clean bread tables are the savior of meals.

“It is much cleaner and more hygienic now with Foodduck!”

– Maria Randau 
Head of kitchen in the Svalöv municipality

The compact device is easy to place

The “duck” was also introduced in another school in Svalöv, Billeshögskolan. Both schools use the FOODDUCK® mobile, which is the most popular device model in educational institutions and is available with both mains current and battery-powered options.

Billeshögskolan has also welcomed the introduction of the spread dispenser to make meals smoother. The “duck” has been popular with both children and teachers, and hygiene has improved considerably. It is great that everyone can use the same device without compromising on hygiene. There is no need to touch the FOODDUCK® device nor the spread at any phase of use, as the motion sensor detects movement and automatically dispenses a drop of spread on a slice of bread.

The FOODDUCK® benefits also include decreasing packaging and spread waste to a fraction of what they were before. In addition, the amount of plastic used in the manufacture of spread bags that are used in the FOODDUCK® dispensers is considerably less, only 10% of the packaging material used for the traditional spread cases. This also supports the sustainable development goals of the municipality of Svalöv. With the help of the spread dispensers, meals become smoother, as queuing is reduced. Before, many stopped at the bread buffet on the service line to do the spreading. Now this takes place at the dining table, with everyone using their own knife. As a result, there is less congestion at the bread buffet than before.