FOODDUCK® captivates in Vihti – first time ever at a day care center

Foodduck / FOODDUCK® captivates in Vihti – first time ever at a day care center

FOODDUCK® captivates in Vihti – first time ever at a day care center

Food service employee Heli Säilä is pleased with the ease of use of the FOODDUCK spread dispenser.

The Lankila day care center in Vihti in Southern Finland was the first ever day care center to start using the FOODDUCK spread dispenser in April. After the initial confusion, the children have embraced the duck as part of their everyday meals.

The Vihti day care children (aged between 2 and 6) first used the FOODDUCK spread dispenser at local schools, where they had their daily afternoon snacks. The positive feedback received from these places indicated that the spread dispenser is excellently suited for the use of small children, too. At the Lankila day care center, the eating arrangements of nearly 200 children need to be precisely planned so that everyone can have a smooth and pleasant lunch experience. At a day care center, every day follows a precise timetable. For instance, the lunch can only take a certain amount of time so that the children have time to take their nap after the meal. The easy to use FOODDUCK spread dispenser has brought considerable relief to the daily routines for over two months. Other positive effects of the device have also been noticed at Lankila.

”The use of the spread dispenser is safe also for children with special diets”
Tuija Wickström, food service manager, the municipality of Vihti

The Lankila day care center decided to take the FOODDUCK spread dispenser in trial use at the beginning of April. They have thus familiarized themselves with the new way of rationing spread onto the children’s slices of bread for a bit more than two months now. Food service manager Tuija Wikström from the municipality of Vihti is satisfied with the decision to take FOODDUCK to Lankila.

“Based on these two months, the experiences are purely positive. The first concrete benefit seems to be the clear decrease of spread waste. I assume that in longer use the impact will be even more visible on the decreased amount of waste, since we previously used margarine cases,” she says.

Wikström also reminds about a very important safety viewpoint. “The spread dispenser makes it easier to cater for children with special diets. The use of the device is safe for these children, which is the most important thing.”

The children of the Lankila day care center also share very practical positive observations about the use of FOODDUCK. Apparently, the independent activity allowed by the device inspires the small diners.

“It is great that I don’t have to ask for bread from the teacher anymore, as I can get it oneself and can also take margarine on my own,” comments Enja frankly and clearly.

Nina Ruotsalainen, head of the Lankila day care center, tells that initially the consumption of bread increased after the arrival of FOODDUCK. This was due to the eager independent activity of the children and the testing of the new fun device. After a couple of weeks, the device had already become a familiar part of the daily routine.

“FOODDUCK has brought nothing but benefits to us. Both bread and margarine waste has diminished noticeably now that the right dosage of margarine is in place. The decrease in the amount of waste is also a very big and significant ecological improvement,” notes Ruotsalainen.

Several schools in Vihti already have the FOODDUCK spread dispensers, and hence Timo Sorsavirta, managing director of Foodduck thanks the municipality’s attitude and willingness to promote the ecological approach as well as the activity to take concrete actions for promoting sustainability.

“We are happy and proud to cooperate with the municipality of Vihti where they have open-mindedly started to bring practical ecological solutions to new environments, too,” Sorsavirta says.