Children in Sipoo are duck fans

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Children in Sipoo are duck fans

More than a thousand schoolchildren in Sipoo take spread on their slices of bread from the FOODDUCK® spread dispensers at their school canteens. Five local primary schools have altogether seven devices at their disposal. The children’s opinion is clear: the duck is fun.

Food services manager Birgit Mäkilä says that the customers are satisfied with the device, and the personnel appreciates the improved hygiene. “People with coeliac disease can take spread from the same dispenser with other customers, and there is no need for separate cases. The amount of waste and the spoilage of spread have decreased. Queues for food are proceeding faster than before,” Birgit lists the benefits of the device.

Birgit got excited about the FOODDUCK spread dispenser among the first. She noticed an article about the device, began searching for more information on the web and contacted Timo Sorsavirta, the managing director of Foodduck Ltd. In the spring of 2015, the municipality of Sipoo started piloting the device. Since the autumn of 2015, the devices have been in use in five elementary schools, and there will be more. A new building for upper comprehensive school and grammar school is being built. The lunch canteen of the new school building, serving some 700 young people daily, will most probably also be equipped with FOODDUCK spread dispensers. Birgit sees that, in addition to schools, FOODDUCK is also suited for e.g. staff canteens.

Birgit has a long experience from food services, and she considers innovation and renewal very important: “I highly appreciate the fact that domestic innovations arise in this sector. I was very happy to be a pilot customer i.e. participating in the testing of the device and giving feedback. In this way, product development will achieve the best possible results.”