Smooth service and clear savings in Kangasala

Foodduck / Smooth service and clear savings in Kangasala

Smooth service and clear savings in Kangasala

FOODDUCK spread dispensers are an important part of smooth and ecological everyday routines at the schools of Kangasala municipality.

Sariola school in Kangasala is a certified Eco-School. It is committed to sustainable development, reduction of environmental strain and activating pupils in these areas. The FOODDUCK® spread dispensers are an essential part of promoting the green values of the school.

The purchase of FOODDUCK spread dispensers was a topical and logical solution for decreasing spread waste at Sariola school. The positive effects of the dispensers are already clearly visible during ordinary schooldays.

Jani Jokinen, the deputy catering manager of the Kangasala municipality food services brings up a long list of benefits that the FOODDUCK dispensers have brought as compared to the past, although the devices have only been in use for a couple of months. “The amount of waste has diminished considerably. It is downright minimal compared with margarine cases which we used before. Also the improved hygiene is an important and clearly visible change. He also praises the safety of the spread dispensers to people with coeliac disease.”

The feedback from both the canteen staff and pupils has been very positive. “Nowadays the queues move quickly. The feedback from pupils centres naturally on the device itself, as they consider it really fun. At the novelty stage the dispenser was tested maybe even a bit too much, but now the situation is calming down when the device is becoming familiar and a part of everyday lunch time.”

Anna Kytölä, who is in charge of the Sariola school kitchen, is at a vantage point to watch the concrete changes that the FOODDUCK spread dispensers bring to the everyday life in the canteen. “The use of margarine cases was very laborious, one only notices it now. One big problem was the storage space the cases required. In a big school like ours, they took an enormous amount of space. Now that problem doesn’t exist.”

“The pupils call the milk machine a cow.
Now the cow has a new friend, the sympathetic duck next to it!”

– Anna Kytölä, Head cook

Anna also notes that thanks to the spread dispensers, virtually no spread is wasted. This is visible both in practice and in figures. “The spread from FOODDUCK does not end up onto tables, floors or trays, nor into the dishwasher or the drain – not to mention the leftovers in the cases.”

“Moreover, the spread dispensers save worktime. Previously one had to run for a new margarine case from the cold storage, open it, replace clean knives and clear the messy bread counter. Many tasks for one cause. With FOODDUCK it only takes a moment to replace the spread package, and one doesn’t even need to clean.”

Previously, the staff had to purchase new kinds of knives for the margarine cases because pupils were not able to take the spread out neatly and smoothly onto their slices of bread using the regular knives. The new plastic knives were not enough to solve the challenges of wasted spread and lack of hygiene. Luckily, the duck came.

The schools of Kangasala have already 11 spread dispensers in use. Sariola school will soon take yet another step to a more ecological direction with the trial of fully organic eco detergents.